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Our mother Peggy spent the last ten years of her life in Dalemead, where she was cared for with kindness and dignity in a very comfortable and pleasant environment by a caring and attentive staff who formed a close relationship not only with Peggy but with her family.

Hugh Nicholson


“Hopefully when I am a little older I will book my room at Dalemead and enjoy being cared for by your wonderful caring staff and entertained by the various excellent functions arranged by Sarah.

I will look forward to trips to Richmond Park and sitting in the garden during the Summer.

Dalemead … Here I come!”

Jackie Whitty


You couldn’t have done more in caring for my mother. Everyone at Dalemead does their very best in making this a very HAPPY home and have succeeded in every way. The food is excelllant and plenty of it. The carers always making the residents have enough to drink helping to feed those residents that need extra help. I do not have any negative comments at all, in fact it is the only home I’ve been to that I would wish to be in if I need that extra help when that time comes. Thanks a million for everything.

Pauline Renz

Looking after people like my mother is difficult and demanding. I was always impressed by the way the staff knew her and her needs and how quickly she responded to her changing condition.

She was always clean, comfortable and entertained as much as possible.

The staff are friendly and approachable and I will miss them and Dalemead and my frequest visits.
Thank you for everything.

Valerie Double


During Olga Koch stay we were very impressed with the high standard of management, the very attentive carers and the high standard of cleanliness. We saw fifteen other care homes before Dalemead and none of the impressed us. Over Olga’s care there was total confidence and peace of mind.

Hilary & David Meynert

Having been sole carer of my wife at home for six years I was most loathe to allow her to go into a Care Home. But my decision to allow her to go into Dalemead was one of the best and important decisions I have ever made. At Dalemead she was SAFE content and so well looked after by all the STAFF and was able to retain her dignity even when things became physically difficult.

My deepest and most grateful thanks to everyone at Dalemead Care Home. I visited daily and saw the Home at work in all situations and I would recommend them not to hesitate entrusting their loved one to Dalemead Care Home.” Denis Williams
“It would be impossible to find a more caring and loving environment than Dalemead. The staff made the home ‘a home from home’ and nothing was too much to make the residents happy and comfortable.

The marvellous atmosphere was evident immediately when you enetered the home. The food and rooms are of the highest standard.

I cannot speak too highly of Dalemead and both my parents were so happy in the home. Their final years were made so enjoyable by all at Dalemead.

Brian Williams

We cannot recommend Dalemead highly enough. We know that Cecilia was well liked and well cared for throughout the period she was in your care.

We have complete trust in the carers themselves and their warmth and attentiveness not just to the residents, but families as well.

A superb environment, well run and maintained.

Our very grateful thanks to you all.

William & Kay Double

On arriving at the reception there was always beautiful flowers. Also flowers on the tables of the residents’ dining room and lounges.

The staff always had a warm welcome for my family and would sit and chat when they had the time. They all showed great care for my mother. I was always kept informed if my mother developed any health problems and the doctor would be sent for.

Anwar is very approachable and runs a very friendly Home. There was always an Easter gift and Christmas gift which I thought was very kind. Good luck Anwar and long may you run a successful Home.

Rosemary Gowers

My sister and I never imagined that a residence could be so empathetic and FINELY TUNED to the needs of the client. I was immediately relieved of 95% of my guilt and anxiety about our mother

Judith Ord Hume

Mum could not have been in a more caring and loving environment. All the staff put the needs of the residents first. We never regretted the decision to choose Dalemead as Mum’s care home. Mum was happy and content there.

Julia Bery

My sister lived at Dalemead for 10 very happy years. The staff are very caring and kind. It is a real family orientated home and I cannot fault it.

Stella Benson