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Daily Life

Because our care focuses on individual needs, daily life and routines at Dalemead are flexible. We encourage our residents to be as independent as they are able. We also encourage them to choose how they spend their time. From meals to activities, day-to-day living here is stimulating and enjoyable.

Food Philosophy
Our residents have a varied, wholesome and balanced diet. Many of our residents are able to participate fully at meal times and are capable of feeding themselves with no assistance. However, for a number of our residents who are experiencing dementia, this is not always the case. This is when we provide intensive nutritional support.

We encourage our residents to keep up hobbies and interests as well as they are able and we provide practical help and support where it’s needed. This might include accompanying a resident on a regular trip to the local library, a shopping expedition or a visit to an activity centre. We have visiting theatre companies, singers, poets, dancers and magicians who also put on shows at the home.

Dalemead is exactly that – a home. It is important to us that our residents continue to lead as normal a life as they are able. We provide a wide range of services to enable our residents to continue to conduct their life in the same way as they did before they came to stay with us

We actively encourage friends and relations to visit as often as they want at a time that is convenient for them and the resident they are visiting. Visitors may wish to pop in for a few minutes on their way to or from work. They may also wish to join their loved one for a meal or to take part in any of our activities. In pleasant weather, the local lanes are wheelchair accessible and we can provide maps of suggested walks. Any such arrangement – or any other visiting arrangement that suits the resident – is fine by us.

A visit is an ideal opportunity to discuss aspects of a loved one’s care. Visitors can discuss any concerns or ideas with a member of our team or Anwar the Home’s owner at any time. We have a private room set aside for this very purpose.